New ‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Trailer Shows New Joker Footage

In the weeks leading up to the theatrical release of Suicide Squad, there was a huge controversy about the amount of film material that was reportedly cut from the original version. Jared Leto, who played the Joker, vocally expressed his resentment about this, saying that there was over an hour worth of Joker footage that didn’t make the theatrical cut.

Possibly looking to make things right with fans, Warner Bros. announced an extended cut coming to Blu-ray and Digital HD, which will clock in at 134 minutes – just 11 minutes longer than the theatrical version. Amazon recently released a new trailer, and it does show some Joker footage we haven’t seen before. Check it out!

Suicide Squad: Extended Cut is available for preorder now and will be out on Digital HD and Blu-ray on November 15th and December 13th respectively.


Jonathan Warncke

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