Kevin Feige Talks Future ‘Captain America’ Movies

The Captain America solo films have become some of the best and most popular movies Marvel has ever made. While there were some fans who weren’t totally on board with Captain America: The First Avenger, as soon as Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit theatres, fans and critics went crazy over how amazing it was and back in May, Captain America: Civil War again provided us with one of the greatest comic book movies Marvel has done.

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and the other Avengers actors originally signed on for 6 movies and Collider’s Steve Weintraub sat down with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to discuss what it means for the future of the actors and their characters…

“It’s weird to say ‘at the end of their deals’ when in some cases they have three whole movies to go. So we don’t usually think about it until necessary. I can’t remember the last time we did it but it was like with Robert, after Avengers came out, we were dealing with his next movie so we have a long way before we have to worry about that.”

These actors absolutely LOVE playing their characters and we as fans love seeing them as their characters on screen. Chris Evans has already stated that if Marvel wants to make more ‘Captain America’ movies then he is ready to pick up the shield. Fans of the comics will know that Steve Rogers isn’t the only one to have the mantle of ‘Captain America’ and Feige was asked if future ‘Cap’ movies HAVE to have Steve Rogers…

It’s a good question and if we look back at the comic books as our inspiration and as the well from which this all springs, then the answer is ‘no’. I’m not saying we’ll do it in the movie but I’ve read Captain America comics that don’t have Steve Rogers in them.

To clarify, this isn’t Feige saying that future Cap movies won’t have Steve Rogers as ‘Captain America’, he is simply saying that in the comics, people like Sam Wilson/Falcon and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier have also served with the vibranium shield under the ‘Captain America’ name. Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes in the MCU signed on for 9 movies but that doesn’t mean that he will definitely appear in 9 films. All that means is that IF Marvel want to use him then he is contractually obligated to return, but they don’t have to use the character if they don’t want to.

It is completely possible that Bucky or Sam Wilson could take up the shield in the movies but i think as long as Chris Evans wants to come back, they will find a way to make it work given how brilliant he is in the role (and how much money his ‘Captain America’ movies bring in).

What do you think of Kevin Feige’s comments? Do you want to see Chris Evans return as ‘Captain America’ after Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: Collider