Jeremy Irons Talks Alfred In ‘Justice League’ and Batman Solo Movie

Jeremy Irons gave us a great performance as a much more ‘tech-savvy’ and military trained Alfred in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier in the year. While the film wasn’t loved by all fans, Jeremy Iron’s performance was one of the elements that a lot of fans really enjoyed.

It’s not really a surprise to hear that Irons will be returning in next year’s Justice League and in the solo Batman movie in 2018. Jeremy Irons sat down with Variety who asked him about his approach to Alfred…

“I remember an evening with Paul Getty, who was a neighbor of mine, now sadly dead. We drove up to his lovely house. A very nice gentleman opened up the car door. Then another very nice gentleman took the car and parked it somewhere. Another nice gentleman took my coat. And then another nice gentleman gave me a glass of champagne. And all those nice gentleman were SAS. I thought, that’s Alfred. He’s a man who will take care of his boss, whether he’s making coffee or pouring champagne or flying his airplane.”

It’s great to see that not only do we get a much older and darker Batman, but we also get a darker Alfred who has a certain skill set that we haven’t seen Alfred have in the films before. Variety then asked Irons if he was going to have a bigger role in Justice League than he had in Batman V Superman…

“Similar, but then, of course, Ben’s going to make a Batman film next summer. He promises me there’s going to be a bit more of Alfred in that. In the “Justice League” we have seven major lead characters and I’m the butler to one of them. It’s clear I will not be dominating that film.”

I think a lot of people want to see as much Alfred as possible. It would make most sense to say that Irons will have a bigger role in the ‘Batman’ solo movie than in Justice League. The current title for the Batman solo is The Batman and even though I think that’s what it will end up being, Affleck previously said that it could easily change.

Justice League hits theatres on November 17th 2017! There has been no official release date for The Batman but an early 2018 date is likely!

What do you think of Jeremy Irons’ comments? How big of a role do you think he will have in Justice League? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter.

Source: Variety