Working Title Revealed For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Films are typically given “working” titles while in production, and the MCU is no stranger to this when working on its films. For the previous two Avengers films, those titles were “Group Hug” and “After Party”. Now, we have learned that the working title for Infinity War will be “Mary Lou”. This has little significance to us now, but that will more than likely be revealed to us sooner or later.


Avengers: Infinity War has been building up ever since the first Avengers movie in 2012 when Thanos made his on-screen debut in the post-credit scene. Now that it is drawing closer, and the MCU has widely expanded since the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes joined forces in 2012, it is expected to be one of the most jam-packed comic book films we’ve ever seen. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!

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Source: Heroic Hollywood