‘Uncharted’ Film Being Fast Tracked With ‘Stranger Things’ Director On Board

Uncharted fans, rejoice! The film is officially back on track with Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Stranger Things) set to take over directing duties on Nathan Drake’s big screen debut. Uncharted has seen its fair share of problems over the past year or so. Multiple directors including Seth Gordon, Neil Burger, and David O. Russell were all attached to the project until ultimately leaving once pre-production really began to pick up, and most recently, Sony removed Uncharted from its 2017 release date back in early September.

It’s unclear why the film’s release date was removed, but with a script from Joe Carnahan and a brand new director, it looks like Uncharted might be back on track.

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series has been hailed by many to be one of the best action/adventure video game franchises of all time, and naturally, Hollywood is looking to repeat that same success the games’ have had at home, at the box office. The foundation for a successful film is all there with Uncharted: you have a fun and likable protagonist in Nathan Drake, a great supporting cast no matter which game they decide to adapt the movie from, and an engaging, exciting world that can only be best described as an Indiana Jones film on crack.

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Source: THR


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