Benedict Cumberbatch And Rachel McAdams Talk Expanding The MCU

Depending on where you live, you’re either less than two weeks away from Doctor Strange hitting theaters, or maybe you’ve already seen it (for those of us who have, let’s go easy on everyone else and not ruin the fun by spoiling anything). Regardless of whether or not you have, we all know that Doctor Strange marks the beginning of a whole new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film has previously been described as “the start of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse” and will be the first to include scientifically inexplicable components such as real magic.

During the London premiere of Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch spoke out about what this means for the MCU, calling the flick a “real left turn”.

“It was a real left turn for the comic universe, let alone the cinematic one. It was very dark and mischievous and psychedelic and otherworldly and to try and replicate that in modern cinema is one of the great challenges…It does feel like a new chapter for Marvel and it’s definitely a new direction for me and I definitely enjoyed playing this character so if people are enjoying it then we’ve done something right.”

Cumberbatch’s co-star Rachel McAdams weighed in on what the film is about on a deeper level, revealing yet another theme that the MCU really hasn’t seen before.

“It’s toying with a lot of new things like parallel universes and kind of philosophical ideas and working on a deeper level,” she says. “The metaphysical is just a whole new world that’s opened up for Marvel.”

When the Sorcerer Supreme was first introduced in the comics in the 1960s, the artwork used by Steve Ditko was unlike anything readers had seen before, and the film promises to do the same with breathtaking visuals a la Inception.

Source: MCUExchange

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