Why Negan Didn’t Kill Rick In ‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere Revealed


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also known as the amazing actor who plays Negan in The Walking Dead, has recently become known as one of the best TV villains ever. 

Whether you hate his character, or you love his character, there is no denying that the character is a menacing villain to any character that has appeared, and will appear on the show. This has been made even more clear lately, as we have just seen Negan kill two fan favorites, in Glenn and Abraham. 

When we saw that characters would die, and we also saw that Rick was one of the characters in the most danger, many fans thought he would die. This wasn’t the case, but in the show, we saw Negan had a variety of chances to kill Rick, but he doesn’t.  

Jeffrey Dean Morgan addressed this issue: 

“Maybe the smart thing would have been to kill Rick. Cut the head off the snake. But I think Negan is thinking a couple steps ahead here, and he’s like, ‘Well wait, if I can break this guy and have him working for me, I stand to gain a hell of a lot more.’” He adds, “As horrible as the deaths of two survivors, that moment of possibility of cutting off Carl’s arm I think is the emotional low point of the show. I think it all led to that.”

If I were you, I would trust his judgement, as this man knows the Negan character like the back of his hand. 

Source: ComicBook.com