Marvel’s ‘Punisher’ Adds Michael Nathanson

After the announcement of a Punisher Netflix series, fans were surprised that the show was filming just months later, preparing for a 2017 release. While it was sudden, fans are not complaining. The show is currently filming in New York City, where characters like Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) have been seen filming. Now, a new cast member on set was seen who has yet to be announced.

We already know of several castings in the series including Ben Barnes as Billy Russo and Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani. The newest cast member seen on set was Michael Nathanson. Nathanson was filming with Amber Rose Revah, who’s role was described as “a highly-trained sophisticated Homeland Security agent who is vexed by the Punisher,” so he is likely to be playing some sort of law enforcement officer working alongside Revah’s character. No photos have been seen of Nathanson with Jon Bernthal, so it is unclear how much interaction those two characters will have.

Nathanson has been previously seen in The Wolf of Wall Street as well as brief roles in shows such as 30 Rock and Law & Order. It is still unclear how large of a role Nathanson will have.

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Source: MCUExchange

Sean Hussey

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