‘Doctor Strange’ Will Play A ‘Key Role’ In MCU Phase 4

With Doctor Strange getting his first movie in phase three of the MCU, fans can certainly expect sequels in phase four and phase five. With the movie’s UK’s release date only a few days away, Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch sat down with Comic Book who asked him how his character fits into the MCU…

“There’s a lot going on this story that will lead you to understand why he’ll play a key role in the next phase. Obviously, you want to bring the character to life and tell this really incredible story. It’s only be the end of the film that you go, ‘Oh my god, this is the beginning.’ It’s an origin story of a superhero that’s going to be part of all of [the MCU].”

Marvel will slowly start to move away from the main 6 Avengers that we were introduced to in phase one, that’s why we saw/will see movies such as Ant-Man and Black Panther so that the newer heroes can be the focus of future phases. As long as these movies make money, there will continue to be new phases and new heroes being the focus. We don’t know anything about Marvel’s phase four release schedule yet but, if the reviews are any indication, you can bet that a Doctor Strange sequel will be included.

Fans will get a much better idea of what Benedict Cumberbatch means in the final line of his comment when Doctor Strange hits theatres on October 25th (UK) and November 4th (US)!

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Source: Comic Book