“The Justice Society of America”: ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ 2.02 Recap And Review

Warning! The following review contains SPOILERS from Season 2 of DC”s Legends of Tomorrow! Read at your own risk!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow left fans with a major tease last season that the Justice Society of America would be coming in the second season of the series. This was followed by a brief cameo from the team in the season premiere. Now, this episode titled “The Justice Society of America” definitely fulfilled the promise that fans got last spring. While this episode didn’t blow me away, it was definitely one of the better episodes of Legends and keeps the series going strong. So, let’s break it down!

This episode dealt with the team trying to decide their new leader after Rip’s unexpected disappearance in the premiere. When the team first meets the JSA, Hourman assumes that Professor Stein is the leader of the team, and Stein takes up the role for the majority of the episode. However, Jax is worried that the professor can’t make the best decisions when in the heat of battle. Speaking of the JSA, they were really awesome. While Hourman does not remember his encounter with the team last season, he learns to trust them once again in this episode. Vixen is obviously the star of the JSA while characters like Dr. Mid-nite and Obsidian took a backseat. I was hoping to see more of Obsidian but it is likely he will shine more throughout the season. Commander Steel and Stargirl were present but did not have much to do other than look cool. Commander Steel did get a chance to talk with his grandson, Citizen Steel a.k.a. the historian that has been following the team. By the end of the episode, we learn that Sara is the natural leader of the team and is awarded for her actions.

The antagonists of the episode were Nazi soldiers with a super serum. The episode was kind of cheesy but it worked really well when you have heroes in spandex fighting Nazis, and I loved it. The episode worked really well and introduced major players into the DC TV universe. We did get to see the Reverse-Flash again and this time his brief appearance was very significant. He killed Hourman, and upon his death, he tells Vixen “Time travelers” which could lead to a new conflict between the JSA and the Legends. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out as the team travels to ancient Japan next episode.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed the episode. It worked really well and it introduced a lot of great characters! I’m looking forward to the show as the season progresses.

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