‘The Walking Dead’: Greg Nicotero Teases Iconic Comic Book Moment On Screen

Potential Spoilers For The Walking Dead! Read At Your Own Risk.

In an iconic comic book moment from The Walking Dead (Issue #28), the Governor chops off Rick Grimes’ hand, and back when the Governor was the main villain on the show, Andrew Lincoln was already trying to make that scene happen, but it didn’t happen due to the high amount of special effects it would require.

“You know, I campaigned two seasons ago when the Governor was around… I was saying, ‘You’ve gotta do the hand guys!'” Lincoln said. “And Victor [Scalise], who was in charge of special effects, just said, ‘No, no no no. Anybody else but not you. It’ll cost a fortune with green screen and blue screen.’

However, this might happen in season seven. In an exclusive sneak peek at the season seven premiere, which was shown at New York Comic-Con, Negan has his right-hand man bring him the axe Rick carried with him and proceeded to drag him into his RV, heavily teasing that particular scene. You can check out the clip for yourself:

TWD‘s executive producer Greg Nicotero is very well aware of that tease and in an interview with Comicbook.com, he had the following to say..

“I think it’s safe to say that the axe could play a prominent part in the episode.”

When asked whether or not the scene in the RV is a contender for the shock of Negan’s actual kill, Nicotero replied by saying that “shock” might not be the correct word to describe it, but that the whole episode is a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Walking Dead returns in four days!! Be sure to check back here all season, as we will be covering everything TWD related.

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