‘The Defenders’ Working Title Revealed

Since the dawn of the Marvel/Netflix partnership, Marvel has only solidified its place as one of the most successful franchises of all time. When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was established, many were perplexed on how it would work. A few movies in (including a team-up movie) and everyone was begging for more. Many fans complained about waiting too long to get their dose of Marvel goodness and a smaller faction of fans complained that there aren’t enough heroes to go around.

While Marvel has been consistently and successfully putting out the “heavy hitters” that have plenty of storylines to fall back on, some characters were deserving of the spotlight as well. From this, a beautiful partnership between the widely known streaming service and Marvel was formed.

The original plan was to have the Defenders each have their own show to introduce themselves, considering they’re not exactly A-list heroes, onscreen to help fans resonate with them more. Each Defender went on to have their own origin story with a villain associated with them in the comics with easter eggs and references to the Cinematic Universe, not to mention the show’s episodes were all released simultaneously.

The shows also had a darker tone to help appease the fans who were complaining Marvel was too kid-friendly and introduced some mature themes into the mix as well. Daredevil was the first to show up onscreen followed by former hero/investigator Jessica Jones. The Power Man, Luke Cage, recently made his way onto screens as well and did generally well among fans. Iron Fist will have his chance to shine in March of 2017 and a team up show will soon come after.

The working title for The Defenders has been recently revealed, courtesy of Production Weekly: Group Therapy. The title clearly hints at the struggles of each Defender which make the hero relatable to the fans, something very rare when comparing a regular human and a superpowered one. Each of them will have to put differences and personal issues aside and team up to take on the Hand, led by Sigourney Weaver, who was recently revealed to be the villain at NYCC earlier this month. A teaser trailer also made its way online during the announcement depicting each Defender in their own light whilst revealing the logo.

The Defenders doesn’t have a release date yet but is confirmed to air in 2017.


Source: Comicbook.com

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