Shortlist Of Actresses To Play Domino In ‘Deadpool 2’ Revealed

After news from both Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 dropped today, we now have another exciting piece of news thanks to Collider. This piece revolves around Deadpool 2 and it’s that casting for Domino has begun and that there is already a shortlist!

For those of you who don’t know who Domino is, she is a very similar to Deadpool but she has some different powers. Her powers revolve around telekinesis and the ability to turn any situation to her favor. Pretty useful tool for someone like Deadpool. Domino is also well known for hanging out with Cable, who fans have been dying to see in the sequel to Deadpool. After Cable was confirmed for the sequel, it’s no surprise that Domino would follow behind him. We’ve even seen her in X-Men: Days of Future Past as a little girl in a quick sequence in the future.

As for the shortlist, Collider claims that Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane), Sienna Miller (American Sniper), Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond), Stephanie Sigman (Spectre), and Sylvia Hoeks (Overspel). Winstead is my personal favorite choice but Boutella or Caplan would be great additions as well.

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Source: Collider

Sean Hussey

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