New ‘Legion’ Trailer Confirms 2017 Release Date

Legion has gone through some up and downs since it was previously announced but looks like it’s set to release in February of 2017. The new trailer released today shows our first extended look at David Haller, son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. While the show’s rights belong to Marvel, a joint partnership between Fox and Marvel turned the show into a reality. The show follows David’s mental instability at a mental institution. He is initially believed to be suffering from schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders. He also hears multiple voices in his head After a talk with a patient who opened his eyes to his powers (including telepathy), David now believes each identity controls a different power making him one of the most powerful mutants alive. The inaugural season will have eight episodes and will take place in the X-Men universe with no ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can watch the new trailer right here on Comic Drops:





Hamed Alazzamy

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