J. K. Simmons Conveys Excitement For Working On ‘The Batman’

Everyone that saw Batman V Superman is surely excited for Ben Affleck’s Batman solo movie which is most likely hitting theatres in 2018. Actor J. K. Simmons will be portraying commissioner Jim Gordon in Justice League next year but the actor will also be reprising his role in The Batman and in an interview with Yahoo Movies, Simmons is just as excited as the fans…

“I’m really excited to be working with Ben and, in the future, to be working with Ben on both sides of the camera. He is such a, you know, not just a great actor, but a moviemaker. And he knows, certainly much more than I do, I mean, we’ve had this conversation. He loves writing and producing and directing and being that, and loves going back forth between that and acting.”

We’ve only seen one photo of Simmons in his Commissioner suit so far but we’ll definitely be seeing more as more marketing material for the movie gets released. I’m really hoping for a baddass Jim Gordon next year.

Affleck is confirmed to be writing and directing The Batman and his repertoire speaks for itself. The last film he wrote, directed and starred in Argo won best picture at the Academy Awards. The guy knows story structure. As soon as Ben was announced as Batman it was clear that they were looking for him to direct as well. WB wouldn’t bring a talent like Ben Affleck on if they weren’t looking for him to direct something.

Joe Manganiello, who will be playing ‘Deathstroke’ in The Batman, recently let it slip that filming for The Batman will begin in the spring of 2017 so an early-mid 2018 release date seems most probable.

Affleck and Simmons both worked on The Accountant and according to Affleck, it was the start of the positive relationship…

“We did [The Accountant] a year and a half ago, but once [Simmons] was cast, I, obviously, had a great relationship with him from this, and I thought it was a great idea,”

If you haven’t seen The Accountant already or are still undecided, check out our review here!

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Source: Yahoo Movies