‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 3 Review


Personally, I have to say that tonight’s episode of The Flash is the best so far because it opens up a lot of potential for the rest of the season. We’ve known for awhile now that Jesse would become a speedster this season, and seeing her in action with her powers was phenomenal. Plus the scene at the end of the show where Wells reveals her hero suit to her was very satisfying in that her costume (what we could see of it) looks very comic accurate, but what else was to be expected? Seeing her fight with Barry for that short bit gave us just enough of a taste of their supereheroing relationship and I’m sure it made most fans (including myself) eager to see where it goes. Though she claims her powers seemingly came out of nowhere, it doesn’t look as though Wally’s will manifest the same way, if at all. However, it seems like there may be hope for him in the future. With this week’s villain being Magenta, who we now know existed in the Flashpoint universe, we found that she got her powers back from Alchemy through vivid dreams at first, followed by a visit from the big bad himself. Now, Wally briefly mentioned to Jesse that he dreamt of having speed and then began looking concerned when Frankie said her experience began with increasingly intense dreams. Perhaps Barry and Jesse will need Wally’s help in the future, and they will use him as bait for Alchemy, who will grant Wally his powers back from the Flashpoint universe only to be thwarted by the team of speedsters. This is only my speculation, so we’ll just have to wait until it happens, or if it happens.


We also get to see a bit more distrust of Barry from Julian. He’s at an intellectual level that matches and maybe even surpasses Barry’s. He’s already caught Barry stealing a DNA sample, and one can only imagine that he noticed Barry was gone when Flash showed up at the CCPD. What was the most interesting however is that when Joe was showing Barry and Julian the tape of Alchemy killing Clarris, Julian asks, “Do you believe in ghosts, Allen?”. Perhaps this hints at Julian knowing something about the change of the timeline? Maybe he himself is Alchemy, which has been one theory circulating ever since the casting and character announcements for the season arose. Or maybe he just really doesn’t like Barry. It’s far too early to tell but I don’t believe that Julian’s distrust of Barry and his intellectual capacity are just making for a bad workplace relationship.

Also, from the promo at the end of the episode for next week’s, it looks like Mirror Master (to be named by Wells instead of Cisco) will show up. Since we weren’t aware of Magenta’s existence in Flashpoint, perhaps this is another metahuman granted his powers back by Alchemy. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews!

What do you guys think? How, if at all, will Wally get his powers? Any thoughts on what Alchemy’s game is? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!