‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Release And Trailer Dates Announced

After out of blue releasing some cryptic teases, Rockstar has officially announced the time we can expect their newest game Red Dead Redemption 2, to come out. The game will be coming Fall 2017, which is a lot sooner than people thought it was going to be. I’m stoked that this is happening so soon, and am incredibly excited to see where this game will be taking us story-wise. We don’t really know anything about what’s the game going to be like, but now know ┬áthat they are calling this Red Dead Redemption 2, though there are technically 3 games in the same category as Red Dead.

The link on that tweet leads to their website that repeats what the tweet says, and announces when we can expect a trailer, which is Thursday, October 20th, at 11am EST.

This is the official synopsis for the first game:

John Marston is being blackmailed by government lawmen to hunt down his former partners-in-crime. Driven further into the American Southwest, Marston soon finds that Williams has crossed into Mexico, a country in the throes of a civil war. At every turn, Marston must choose whether to side with outlaws or innocents in the crossfire.

What do you think about this new tidbit of news? Are you as excited as we are for this game? Will you be replaying the other games to feel the feeling you got playing it or have you never even heard of it? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter or Instagram!!