‘Doctor Strange’ End Credits Song Released Online

In what is starting to feel like forever, Doctor Strange is entering the homestretch before releasing in theaters everywhere. Due in cinemas everywhere in the U.S on November 4, trailers have been released, storylines have been speculated, and even a post credit scene or two have made their rounds on the internet forums.

One of the more underrated features about comic book movies is the music that accompanies the movie itself. In hindsight, music might be a minor contributing factors in the overall experience and probably won’t hinder its overall plot but a great score will always be mentioned if the movie lives up to the standards of the fans. To add even more hype before the movie, Marvel has decided to give fans a sneak peek on what we’re listening to while waiting for the post credits scene:

The man responsible for most of the tracks is Michael Giacchino who evidently has had a pretty great track record when it comes to composing for movies and has had one of his best years in 2016. Giacchino has previously composed for Star Trek, Zootopia, Up, Lost, and The Incredibles. Rounding off his year will be Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One. While Marvel has been average at best when it comes to movie soundtracks, it looks like Giacchino will have something fans will talk about. Marvel’s next superhero installment hits theaters November 4th.


Source: Comicbook.com

Hamed Alazzamy

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