‘The Batman’ To Shoot In Spring 2017

While promoting his new film The Accountant (in theaters now) Ben Affleck spoke briefly on his upcoming Batman movie, and how the film was further off from production than people initially thought it would be. However, while speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Joe Manganiello who is set to play the deadly DC assassin Deathstroke in the Caped Crusader’s upcoming solo film, might’ve just spoiled when the movie will actually begin filming!

“…Just getting ready to go shoot Batman in the spring.”

While this statement is a direct contradiction to what Affleck said a few weeks ago, it’s worth mentioning that a spring 2017 shoot date for Batman would make a lot of sense, especially with the film rumored to be getting a Fall 2018 release date. What also adds to this rumor is that WB and DC have already solidified a date in 2018 for an untitled DC film on October 5th. It’ll be interesting to see what both Manganiello and Affleck will say about this report in the coming days.

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Josh Sharpe

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