‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Expansion Leads To Fan Petition For A Netflix Series

Ever since Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars and production began on new films and television series, fans have been begging for a movie or series about the events of the Old Republic, a time period that has been heavily explored in the video game of the same title. The game is the only currently running Star Wars product that isn’t canon, or part of the main timeline. Now, after a new expansion trailer has been released this week, a new change.org petition has lead to interest in an Old Republic Netflix series. The petition already has 54,000 signatures and it’s growing.

For people who do not know much about Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is a MMORPG for the PC. The story takes place about 3600 years before the first Star Wars film. The story is about the great Jedi and Sith war as well as the politics surrounding it. The game is known for its highly detailed and exciting cinematics as well as solid gameplay. The main protagonist is Master Satele Shan and the antagonist is Darth Malgus as well as fan favorite Darth Revan. The game focuses heavily on storyline, and continues to release expansions today since its 2011 release. The newest expansion, titled Knights of the Eternal Throne, releases at the beginning of December. To see what everyone is so excited about, check out this trailer.

As you can see, the trailer definitely feels very cinematic and with the large amount of content and expansions the game has, you could easily create an awesome series on Netflix. If you want to see more of The Old Republic, check out this past trailer as well as the game itself.

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Source: change.org

Sean Hussey

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