Chiwetel Ejiofor ‘Hadn’t Seen Anything Like’ The Doctor Strange Visuals Before

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is only a week and a half away for some audiences around the world and as well as seeing Benedict Cumberbatch as ‘Doctor Stephen Strange’ for the first time, we will also witness Chiwetel Ejiofor as ‘Mordo’. The Mordo we’ll be seeing on screen is very different from the one in the comics in the way that Mordo will be an ally to Strange in the movie instead of a villain.

Ejiofor sat down with the Financial Times to discuss his upcoming role…

“Marvel has managed to make popular films really accessible and really good. I was very interested in what [screenwriter and director] Joss Whedon did with The Avengers. He’s so skilled as a writer, and he started to really split those narratives and create characters that can intersect and then splinter off into all these individual stories. I think there’s an energy there because they want to make good movies that a lot of people will like, and they feel much more open to ideas.”

One of the movie’s selling points will certainly be the visual effects used throughout the film. Even though they remind us of Inception, there are some who saw the IMAX footage that have stated that these visuals are on a completely different level to Inception‘s. Regarding the visuals, Ejiofor stated that they were one thing that came up very early in the talks…

“The first conversations that we had were about the visuals. They’d already created the visual language early on and I certainly hadn’t seen anything like it.”

When Tilda Swinton was cast as ‘The Ancient One’ there was some backlash among fans regarding her ethnicity versus the traditional ethnicity of her character, to which Ejiofor stated the following…

“I think representation in cinema is a really important issue. There are a lot of films that don’t have any representation at all, are very monocultural, and have mono ideas on what race and gender mean, and who should be stars, and who shouldn’t. Doctor Strange is just not an example of that. It’s something we seem to like to do, turning perfect into the enemy of good. We let other things slide, the 85 percent of the films out there that don’t really attempt to address these issues at all. But because they have entirely white, male casts, we don’t bother to talk about them.”

Doctor Strange hits theatres on October 25th (UK) and November 4th (US)!

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Source: MCU Exchange