Tom King Confirms When ‘WATCHMEN’ Will Connect To The DC Universe

After DC Rebirth teased that the Watchmen will be joining the DC comic universe, fans have been anxiously waiting for the famous team to meet the Justice League. We know that Wally West has returned and he knows something isn’t right. With characters disappearing, new characters like Mr. Oz appearing, and ten years mysteriously gone fans want to see them more than ever. Now, Batman writer Tom King has revealed when we will first see the characters realize something isn’t right. Here is his quote.

“It starts in Batman #9,” King told io9“It’ll hit there. This is a new continuity, so a lot of stuff is happening in Batman that affects the spine of the universe. It’s been going on, you just haven’t noticed it. For example, they just announced Suicide Squad vs the JLA— that’s coming out of the Amanda Waller stuff that we did in Batman. It’s a long-term plan, so that spins out of the ‘I Am Suicide’ arc. And then in Batman #9, you’ll see the first hints of how the Watchmen storyline will play throughout the Batman universe.”

Fans already suspect Doctor Manhattan was the one who created the New-52 and that Ozymandius is the mysterious Mr. Oz who has now met with Superman and even took Tim Drake away from the DC Universe. Hopefully we will have some answers when Batman #9 hits shelves October 19th.

Source: CBM

Sean Hussey

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