The Legends Of Tomorrow Are Getting A New Leader

At the end of the first season of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, said Legends successfully destroyed the Time Council and its ability to foresee and control the past, present and future. With this authority out of the way, the Legends now see themselves as the protectors of time itself, and according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, there will be some serious changes coming to the team.

“We pick up six months later, and the Legends are acting like time cops. They’re going around history, fixing aberrations, dealing with time pirates, all sorts of fun things… Something happens in the premiere that changes the game for them, and we’re going to end up with a shift in leadership away from Rip into the hands of someone new,” Guggenheim tells Entertainment Weekly.

This makes sense if you think about Rip Hunter’s motivations in season one. The reason he brought the team together in the first place was Vandal Savage murdering his wife and son.

Guggenheim went on to explain that season two will be fundamentally different from the first one, part of which will be achieved through this season’s villains. The “Legion of Doom” is an alliance between some of the most powerful villains of the Arrowverse so far, namely Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, the Reverse Flash, and the returning Captain Cold. About this group, Guggenheim had the following to say:

They all have different agendas. They’re brought together by Eobard Thawne, he’s the one that brings them together, and we’ll discover why Thawne, Speedster, the Reverse-Flash, a very impressive big bad in his own right, needs the help.”

Opposing the Legion of Doom will be the Justice Society of America, which was first teased in the season one finale. Legends Of Tomorrow returns tonight! Will you be watching? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!

Jonathan Warncke

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