From The Past, To The Future And Back Again: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Premiere Recap and Review

Warning! The Following Review Contains Spoilers For Legends of Tomorrow Season 2! Read At Your Own Risk!

DC”s Legends of Tomorrow is the last of the four CW superhero shows to premiere, but it certainly wasn’t the worst premiere of the four. The episode was told through the eyes of Mick Rory (Heat Wave) as he retold the story of how the Legends disappeared to Oliver Queen and Citizen Steel. The episode had an interesting way of telling the story, and I really enjoyed the style. Lets break this episode down.

The story with the team begins with them in France, where they are trying to protect the King and Queen. Sarah ends up seducing the Queen while the rest of the team has a pretty great action sequence. We know that the team has been trying to fill the gap the Time Masters left behind in Season One, so they have been constantly fixing issues in the timeline. After their brief time in France, they must go to 1942 to stop the Nazis from using an atomic bomb on New York.

In order to do this, the team must capture Albert Einstein, a very exciting moment for Martin Stein (Victor Garber). Speaking of Professor Stein, he now does the introduction for the show and will most likely be the new captain of the Waverider after Rip’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Sarah is hunting Damien Darhk in order to prevent her sister’s death, but I will talk a bit more about that in my predictions. Before Sarah can kill Darhk, she is stopped by the Atom, who is trying to grow into a leader for the team. This leads to a very familiar encounter between Sarah and Atom about how Ray is nothing without the suit. This felt like a bit of a ripoff from the famous Avengers line, but it worked well for the episode and created some tension that was later resolved at the end of the episode.

In order to stop the bomb, the team engages Darhk right before the bomb is carried onto a submarine. However after Sarah chases Darhk, Heat Wave get shot and Atom can’t shut down the bomb, the team is forced to retreat. In a last attempt to stop the bomb, the team maneuvers the Waverider between the torpedo and New York, causing the ship to receive serious damage. In order to save his team, Rip scattered them throughout time in an event called a Time Scatter. Heat Wave, due to his injuries, was put in stasis and left on board later to be discovered by Oliver Queen and Citizen Steel.

The remainder of the episode focused on Citizen Steel and Heat Wave finding all the team members. Ray was stuck in Prehistoric South Dakota and forced to fight off dinosaurs. Jax and Martin Stein were stuck in England in 821, where their powers and technology wowed the King. Sarah was accused of being a witch for seducing women in New England during the Salem Witch Trials, which created a bit of a funny rescue. Now, the team is without a captain and trying to go through time without Rip. But before they can leave 1942, they are stopped by the Justice Society of America which is when the episode ends. One more note is that Eobard Thawne shows up at the end to assist Darhk with killing the Nazis, setting up the Legion of Doom. It appears that it is just the two of them right now, and more villains will be added as the season goes on.

The issues I had with this episode were somewhat minor because I think it was a well rounded episode. Some of the dialogue was corny but that is usual. The thing that really got to me is the emphasis on Sarah’s bisexuality. I think it is great that they made her bi, but the episode keeps hitting on that point over and over again. I think Arrow Season 2 and Legends Season 1 did a much better job with this. I feel that if it was a bit more subtle it would work better. Just because a character is straight, bi, or gay doesn’t mean the show has to emphasize it all the time. Still, I think it is great that they made this choice with the character.

Overall the was a solid premiere. After watching and reviewing the majority of the premieres, I think this was the third best premiere behind Supergirl and Arrow. Arrow ranks so high because it really redefined this season and it led the way for more great episodes.  I loved the addition of Oliver Queen in this episode because it kept the story on track, but it also appears that Flashpoint on The Flash has deleted the part of history where the Legends were formed because Oliver doesn’t seem to remember any of it. Another interesting point to make in my opinion.

Finally, I have one major prediction for the season, but as for next episode predictions I think we will just see the Legends meet the JSA and everyone can geek out together about it. My one prediction for this upcoming season right now is that Sarah will kill Damien Darhk and thus save her sister. We know that this is Sarah’s current goal and since we know that Laurel will be returning to Arrow later this season, it makes sense that this is how she is alive again. I think this would be a great way to do and far better than something like a Lazarus Pit.

So what did you think of this episode? Do you like where the story is going and are you excited for the JSA? let us know in the comments and on Instagram and Twitter!

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