The Flash Might Team Up With Wild Dog In Arrow Season 5

Last week, we got the premier episode of Arrow Season 5 and the responses, generally, seemed to be very positive. Fans were disappointed with seasons 3 and 4 so were understandably sceptical about what would be in store for them in Season 5. The biggest problem for me personally was the magical elements in season 4, which did not entice me nearly as much as the more grounded and realistic tone that Season 1 introduced.

One of the changes for Season 5, apart from returning to realism, is that Oliver will be recruiting a new team of heroes after the ‘Team Arrow’ from Season 4 have gone their separate ways. One hero we were introduced to in last wee’s premiere episode was Wild Dog (Rick Gonzales) who Oliver shot in the leg with an arrow. Now Gonzales has put out a tweet that suggests that Green Arrow isn’t the only hero he will be teaming up with. Check out the tweet below…

Gonzales has revealed that he will be in the four night crossover event which will bring the Green Arrow together with The Flash, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow. Gonzales said the following in an interview with ComicBook…

“What I can say is that Wild Dog will be in the crossover, and he has a huge dislike for metahumans. So we’ll definitely see him not exactly rub well with The Flash and Supergirl and that’s just another glimpse into his psyche and his ideas and thinking about the world and the idea that there are people out there who have these sort of powers and who they are. Instead of saying ’Wow, these people can do these things,’ he says, ‘no, I don’t like you because this is what you bring to the table. This is what you represent to me.’” 

It is unclear how much of the crossover he will be involved in but if he does end up as a key member of ‘Team Arrow’ then he, and the other members might have a key role.

What do you make of Gonzales’ tweet? Do you think the new members of ‘Team Arrow’ will feature heavily in the crossover? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: Twitter, Comic Book