How To Fix Green Lanterns Rebirth’s ‘Red Planet’ Arc


DC Comics, the company is constantly pumping out quality books for all of us to enjoy. One of these great series’ has been ‘Green Lanterns’. The series had a built-in story arc, that you would think would be a sure-fire amazing story, But the story we eventually got, not so much.

We expected to get a well-told story about not only Atrocitus and “Red Dawn”, but also a good story with Bleez, who was going through a variety of changes. These changes included her at one point being taken out of Red Lantern form, something that wasn’t thought as possible. The story we ultimately got wasn’t necessarily bad, but the arc definitely wasn’t done to its full potential.

They ended the arc far too soon and didn’t allow the Red Lanterns to shine as they so deserve to.

Here are 3 ways this could be fixed:

1.Turn Bleez Into A Green Lantern

The whole story with Bleez was one of the few high points of the story arc. Bleez went from the trusty assistant of Atrocitus, to a cured Red Lantern. This seemed like an obvious set up for Bleez joining the Green Lantern Corp, but that wasn’t the case. Bleez ultimately became a Red Lantern again, which was extremely underwhelming, due to the fact that Bleez had become a fan favorite character. If she became a green lantern, it would have a been a great set up for an epic battle between Bleez and Atrocitus, and maybe the whole arc would’ve lasted longer.
2. Allow Dex-Starr To Shine

Now, this might be biased, but Dex-Starr is one of my favorite characters ever, my Twitter name is based off of him, and every time I see him in a book I freak out. That said, I was hoping the whole time as I read the books that I would see more of Dex. He got some time to shine, but wasn’t shown as a big part of the arc if you ignore the ending and beginning of the fifth issue. Dex is not only entertaining, but his relationship with Atrocitus is pure gold. This wouldn’t have saved the arc, but would’ve made it slightly more entertaining for fans.

3.Let Jessica Make Constructs Earlier

The biggest issue with this story arc was of course, Jessica Cruz. Don’t get me wrong, I love the character, the whole story with her trying to cure her sister was fantastic and I’m loving her right now in Justice League and Green Lanterns. Despite this, she was constantly bringing this series down with her inability to create constructs. When Simon was being held by Atrocitus, not able to, when her sister was infected, not able to, it was good in the start, but it was just dragged on for far too long. If they were to make this arc good, they needed to let Jessica shine, it’s very unfortunate that they made her look like a joke for six whole issues.

That’s how I would fix this story arc, what about you? Is there something else you wish would have happened? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter @ComicDrops!