First Look At Guardian On ‘Supergirl’

Yesterday, we reported that James Olsen on Supergirl would be soon getting his own secret identity and becoming Guardian from DC Comics. Now, we have our first official look. Check it out below!


Unfortunately, this looks pretty awful. The character looks nothing like in the comics and while now every suit has to be comic book accurate, this looks way off. The suit goes for a military-like armor which goes along with other DCTV characters like John Diggle, but the CGI mask and silver paint job just don’t work. Hopefully, like with Superman, it looks better in person. We do not know when we will see James as Guardian, but it will be this season.

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Supergirl airs every Monday at 8pm EST on the CW!

Sean Hussey

Sean Hussey is a writer who enjoys both Marvel and DC, as well as Star Wars. He also has two YouTube channels as well as hosts a Podcast.