DCTV Showrunner Reveals How The Heroes Will React To Supergirl

In the next couple of months, fans of the DC television universe will get to experience an epic 4 night crossover event involving Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow.

When characters such as John Diggle first saw The Flash in action, it’s safe to say he was freaked out. The crossover will include the team’s introduction to Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Andrew Kresiberg, an executive producer and show runner for some of the DC television shows, explains how the team will react when they meet Cara Danvers…

“I think some people like Barry already know her, so Barry’s completely cool with her. I think some people are instantly charmed by her — I think Sara’s got a little crush on her.”

Kreisberg continued…

“[John Diggle], as always…just when he think she’s seen it all, you know? There’s a moment in it where somebody says ‘This is Supergirl,’ and it’s like ‘What’s so super about her?’ She just lifts off the ground and Dig’s like, ‘I’m convinced.’ With Oliver, part of Oliver’s journey in these episodes is, he’s kind of hit his breaking point with things he’s willing to accept. He’s had Mirakuru soldiers and the Lazarus Pit and magic with Damien Darhk, but flying aliens who can incinerate you with their eyes is beyond the pale for him. So he sort of keeps his distance, which is a very Oliver thing to do. He keeps his distance, and Kara comments, ‘Does he not like me?’ And Barry’s like, ‘No, that’s kind of how he treats everybody.’ There’s fun interactions, and it’s exciting. Every time we get those dailies and we see them all together, it’s just insanity.”

No exact date has been announced for the crossover but if it is around the same time as the two previous crossovers, the start of December is likely. It was previously announced that the villains for the 4 night crossover are going to be ‘The Dominators’ in the episode titled Invasion!.

What do you think of Kreisberg’s comments? Are you looking forward to the crossover? How do you think the characters are going to react to ‘Supergirl’? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: Comic Book