DC Entertainment President Praises Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman

Last March, fans got their introduction to Ben Affleck as ‘Bruce Wayne’/’Batman’ and Gal Gadot as ‘Diana Prince’/’Wonder Woman’ in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While fans praised Ben Affleck’s incarnation of the dark knight, people weren’t so quick to jump on the Gal Gadot band wagon once the movie was released. One person who did is the president of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson, who had this to say about Gal Gadot in the role…

“It’s a testament to Zack Snyder’s casting ability. I think Gal was someone who embodied the role so beautifully, and we saw lots of evidence on how audiences responded when she came onscreen for the first time…she and Ben Affleck really stood out as two amazing parts of [Batman v Superman], and the real life Gal has many of the traits that Wonder Woman does. She is athletic and strong, and she has a great deal of integrity. She’s a mother, she’s a wife. She cares very much about this role, and so we got very lucky to have her.”

While Gal Gadot didn’t blow me away with her performance, and while there were a lot of problems with Batman V Superman, I personally don’t think Gal Gadot was one of them. The wooden delivery of some of her lines is my only criticism of her performance.

Nelson then went on to talk about the director of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins…

“Patty had a true vision that the character meant something to her. It was very clear from early on that she understood the core attributes of Wonder Woman, that she wanted to tell this story, and that she wanted to tell an arc…we’re going to see Wonder Woman and Diana Prince’s journey as she leaves Paradise Island, Themyscira, and learns all about a world that she has only heard about growing up….the feel of the movie is hopeful and aspirational, and the action is kickass.”

If Wonder Woman is well received by fans and critics, and does well at the box office, WB will be locking Patty Jenkins down to return for more DC movies. While Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad made money, they didn’t get the fan response that Warner Brothers was hoping for, and all we can do as film fans is hope that Wonder Woman knocks it out of the park.

Wonder Woman hits theatres on June 2nd 2017!

What do you think about Diane Nelson’s comments? Did your opinion of Gal Gadot as ‘Wonder Woman’ change once you saw her in action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: Variety