Anna Kendrick Asks Ben Affleck For A Role In ‘The Batman’ Film

In an interview with MTV for their upcoming movie, The Accountant, Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick had some fun with a bit about Affleck’s role as Batman. Kendrick eventually dresses up as the Robin (roughly) and asks Affleck to be the sidekick in the film, and when she was refused, asked to play Batman. It’s actually pretty funny, so you should check it out:

While Kendrick herself has said she would be interested in playing the Marvel hero Squirrel-Girl, there’s has been no real talks about her inclusion in the MCU. Could the DCEU be claiming her in one of their films? While many fans don’t like the idea of her being Robin, many are warming to the idea of her playing another sidekick, Barbara Gordon, or Oracle.




(via @bosslogic)

She has the spunk for it, and is a great actress, based on what will be seen in her latest movie. (Check out our The Accountant review!) In the film, as noted in our review, the duo have a good chemistry going on, and according to the director of the film, they really liked working together.

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The Accountant comes out this Friday, October 14th.