Stan Lee Cameo in ‘Doctor Strange’ Revealed

[SPOILER WARNING: If you don’t want to know about Stan Lee’s cameo in Marvel’s Doctor Strange then check out one of or other articles on the movie]

Doctor Strange is just a few weeks out and some fans got their first glimpse of some new footage at a recent special IMAX preview. One part of the new footage was the infamous cameo by the godfather of Marvel, Stan lee. Stan Lee has made a cameo in numerous Marvel, Fox and Sony properties and Doctor Strange won’t be any different.

ComicBook has provided a description of the cameo, check it out below…

In what looks like one of the most epic foot chases in cinematic history, Doctor Strange and Mordo are running down streets, up building sides, and across the sky as the world warps around them. After Kaecilius bends the building on which Mordo and Strange are running, they fall to the ground and into the side of a bus. As they fall, the camera angle switches to a point of view from inside the bus, revealing Stan Lee reading Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception. As Strange and Mordo smash into the bus’ window, Lee bursts out saying, “Now, that’s hilarious!” until the camera swaps again and the chase continues.

Some fans on social media have stated that they are tired of Stan Lee’s cameos in Marvel films but it gives comic book fans everywhere something to look forward to. Marvel has reportedly filmed Stan Lee’s next four cameos already so watch out for him in Guardians of The Galaxy 2 in May, Spider-Man: Homecoming in July, and Thor: Ragnarok in November.

While the description provides a pretty good idea of what to expect, you can see the real thing when Doctor Strange hits theatres on October 25th (UK) and November 4th (US)!

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Source: Comic Book