New Details On Finn In ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’

One of the darkest moments from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was when one of the heroes, Finn (John Boyega) lost in a lightsaber duel which resulted in his back being sliced open along with many other injuries on his body. This left him unconscious and in critical care for the remainder of the film. Fans were then quick to wonder if Finn would ever fully recover from his injuries. Now, according to MakingStarWars, it appears that not only will Finn recover, but he will be back better than ever.

According to the site, Finn was placed in some sort of suit that has similar traits to the bacta tank, something very familiar to Star Wars fans. In Star Wars, bacta tanks were used to heal major injuries, and even saved Luke Skywalker during Episode V. Bacta tanks have also been seen in cartoons, comics, and even in the Rogue One trailer. Over the thirty years between Episodes VI and VIII it appears that the galaxy has found a better way to heal people.

Supposedly there will also be a sequence in the film where the suit is removed and Finn will be shown to be in amazing shape. He will then take off on a mission that will make him a “big deal” in the Resistance. It is expected that Finn will go on this mission alongside Poe and BB-8 although that is speculation still.

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Star Wars: Episode VIII will be released December 2018

Source: MakingStarWars

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