Meachum Brothers Discuss ‘Iron Fist’ Tone

When the trailer was introduced at Iron Fist’s panel a few days ago, it was safe to say the final Defender has truly arrived. After scarce news about filming and post-production, the powers that be at Marvel finally decided to release some information to us in the form of a beautifully made 76 second trailer. The trailer explains who Danny Rand is, where he comes from, and his connection to the current Marvel/Netflix universe.

One of the most important things the trailer introduced were the Meachum brothers, a staple of the masked hero’s comic-verse. Harold and Ward Meachum are executives of a big corporate company with massive influence in New York. Naturally, their influence over the city is massive. This makes them characters of interest. The actors of the show, David Wenham (Harold) and Tom Pelphrey (Ward), recently sat down with IGN shortly after the trailer was release to discuss the general tone of the show and the complex relationship between the brothers:

Pelphrey: They run the big corporation that’s a major influence in the city, and of course that’s where Danny is coming back to, and all the family ties and the history, and you can rest assured that it will play very much into the dynamics of the show.

Wenham: The family dynamic is rather complex. It will make fascinating viewing. It’s an interesting relationship that these two have. It’s always a process of discovery. As actors, we were actually getting the scripts as we were going on. I didn’t know how it was going to end in the story, so it was a constant surprise. It kept us on our toes, and kept us alive and spontaneous and open to any possibility which was really interesting as an actor.

If that doesn’t make for good TV, I’m not sure what will. The Final Defender Arrives on Netflix March 17, 2017.


Source: Heroic Hollywood



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