Steven Yeun And Lauren Cohan Talk Glenn And Maggie On ‘The Walking Dead’

Glenn and Maggie have been The Walking Dead‘s power couple since season two, evolving tremendously as characters, but always together. Now they’re even expecting a baby, but at the end of season six, we saw both of them powerlessly kneeling before Negan.

While at the Walking Dead‘s NYCC panel, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan talked about their characters and their dynamics in The Walking Dead, though they carefully avoided any comments which could give fans a clue about either’s character’s fate in the infamous Negan scene.

“Glenn and Maggie are classic,” Steven Yeun says as Lauren Cohan leans on his shoulder. “If you were to look at the circumstances, you could argue that having someone is a danger but I think that – what Glenn and Maggie have – they’re better. They’re greater when they’re together.”

“We were pretty incapacitated knowing that somebody was going to be hurt if we did anything,” Cohan adds “I can never say how she would have handled it differently.”

Cohan went on to tease the season seven premiere, saying that it will explore how people deal with loss and what they possibly could’ve done to avoid it.

“It’s so unexpected, jarring, and destabilizing. We will see how people deal with what they could and should and would have done.”

The Walking Dead returns October 23.

Jonathan Warncke

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