‘Sin-Eater’ Lucifer Episode 3 Review

Merry Monday Lucifer fans! The writers heard that you desired another episode, and they pumped it out for us. An odd episode this week, not the usual one that we have come to expect, but not necessarily a bad one.

 This week we saw Chloe and Lucifer track down a Serial Killer, we saw more interactions between Lucifer and his mother, along with more interactions between Chloe and Dan. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the episode, was the use of Wobble. Wobble was a social media app that was used to post videos of all kinds. With Wobble came Leila, and the moderator job, which was by far my favorite scene from the episode. In this scene we saw Lucifer show up to the location before Chloe and play along with the Moderator’s videos. Then when Chloe walked up to Lucifer, they used the classic Lucifer to Chloe word trigger, which set Chloe off on Leila. They traced Leila to the scene only to see that the killer is Ray, and he is trying to kill Leila. This was an amazing plot twist which I certainly didn’t expect, and I truly hope they do more of these unexpected twists.

A second part of the episode that I enjoyed was the interaction between the Lucifamily, Amenadiel, Lucifer’s Mother(as Charlotte), and of course Lucifer himself. We saw Lucifer constantly getting angry at his mother, we saw Amenadiel get reintroduced to his mother, and we saw Amenadiel and Lucifer tell something shocking to their mom. In this scene we saw Lucifer tell his mom that not only will she be not going to hell, but that if she wants to stay with her sons, she will have to live the life of Charlotte Richards. This was yet another interesting curveball thrown to us by the writers, and it paid off. 

Lastly, I want to ask you, my fellow Lucifans, what you thought of this episode! Personally, this wasn’t my favorite episode, but definetly not a weak one. 

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