‘Logan’ Key Roles And Details Revealed

The movie Logan, which is the third installment in the Wolverine franchise, has had so much news as of late. Earlier today we learned that Boyd Holbrook will be playing Donald Pierce, and now we have even more news to report. 

In the poster for the movie, we saw Logan holding the hand of a young girl. According to an insider, the girl is a young mutant. Keep in mind, the film takes place far in the future, so in 2024, mutant births are on the decline, and people aren’t sure why. 

Logan‘s plot is about a government operation called “Transigen”. This operation is turning mutant children into fierce killing machines. Logan finds one of these young girls, and ends up being her mentor. 

The young mutant will be played by Sienna Novikov, and the character is of course named Laura, also known as X-23. Hopefully this could mean that in the future we will be getting movies will Laura Kinney Wolverine, but we are yet to find out if that’s true. 

In addition to this, we learned that Richard E. Grant will be portraying Dr. Zander Rice. In comics, Zander Rice is the man who created X-23, and his father is of course the man who created Weapon X, also known as Wolverine. 

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Source: TheWrap