New Marvel Legends Unveiled At NYCC

So far with news from New York Comic Con, the toy community has been very pleased. We got a glimpse at some of the upcoming waves at SDCC, but some figures were missing. A prime example being the 2017 X-Men wave, which we now know will include Old Man Logan and Shatterstar figures.

img_4292 img_4301-0

It appears as though we are getting brand new sculpts for each of these figures, which look great. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any paint detail in the Shatterstar piece, but there is a bit on Logan (in the jacket anyway). Despite the apparent blandness of these, they’ll be great characters to add to your Legends collection.

There will be a Guardians wave coming out next year as well, and we’ve gotten a look at Death’s Head II and Adam Warlock.

img_4277 img_4297-0

While nothing has been confirmed by Hasbro, it seems like Death’s Head is a logical choice for a BAF. While these characters are also great additions to a collection, the paint detail leaves much to be desired.

We also got a look at the new Spider-Man wave’s new additions- Shocker and the Sandman BAF:

img_4030 img_4124-0 img_4128-0 img_4132-0 img_4142-0img_4029-0 img_4285

Hasbro never has a shortage of Spidey figures to give us, and this wave is no exception; we will be receiving Spider-UK, an updated Spider-Man 2099, and perhaps the most wanted Spidey Legend – the black suited symbiote Spider-Man. I’m not sure how I feel about the Spider-UK figure, but it’ll be nice to add to the Spider-Verse. The Spidey 2099 shares the lack of paint detail, but it’s a nice update to  go with the current suit in the comics. The lack of paint detail in the black-suited Spidey is definitely forgiven because we’ve all been waiting for the day we’d see him again. Ms. Marvel is a nice female figure to add to to the wave, especially because we just got Miles Morales in the previous wave. Perhaps if we get an Amadeus Cho Hulk and Viv Vision down the line we could form a Champions figure lineup. The Green Goblin looks to be the only one with paint detail, with great shadowing in the face and an over-all great sculpt. The Jackal figure seems to be a bit out of left field and a bland piece, but I prefer getting that as opposed to another version of a character we’ve already gotten. Shocker and Sandman were the biggest commodities of the day; Shocker comes with some effects that look very similar to those we got with the classic Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange figures awhile back and is a great rogue of Spidey’s to pick up. Sandman was a great choice for the Build-A-Figure, coming with interchangeable sand effects for the hands, and the half-beaten sand face is a great touch, though it seems like we won’t be seeing non-sand appendages coming along with it.

What do you guys think? Are you happy with the Legends reveals from NYCC? Are there characters you would’ve rather seen instead? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Marvel Toy News