New ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Trailer Shows Off Justice Society

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow surprised many fans last season when it introduced the idea of the Justice Society of America in the final episode. With the tease of a major JSA crossover in Season 2, fans were anxious to see the team on TV. Now, a new trailer for Season 2 has dropped, and it shows us a lot of the upcoming season. Check it out below.

The trailer starts right where Season 1 left off with the introduction of Rex Tyler and then shows us all of the JSA in full form. Also shown in the trailer was some of the many locations the team would be going to. This includes to France, to see Albert Einstein, prehistoric times, ancient Japan, the Civil War, and back in World War II. It appears that Japan and World War II will be key locations for the first half of the season, with other locations sprinkled throughout the individual episodes.

Also, we got to see a look of the many, many cameos that will be in Season 2.┬áCharacters like Jonah Hex, Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Flash of the present, the Flash of the future, and even some Confederate Zombies. Yes, Confederate Zombies. What intrigued me most was the vocal appearance of the Flash from the future. We saw an older Oliver Queen last season, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Flash, who can actually time travel. Unfortunately, it appears he could only appear as a voiceover, not in person. Hopefully we get to see an aged, more experienced Barry Allen sometime soon.

Finally, we got another look at our villains. This season will focus on the team fighting the Legion of Doom. This version of the team will consist of Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, the Reverse-Flash, and Captain Cold. Cold of course was a hero last season on the show, so this change will be a very exciting dynamic going into Season Two. In this trailer we got to see three out of the four villains, with Malcolm Merlyn not making an appearance.

What did you all think of the Legends trailer? What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below and on Instagram and Twitter!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will premiere October 13th, 2016 on the CW

Sean Hussey

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