Chiwetel Ejiofor Talks Strange-Mordo Dynamic

Doctor Strange is only two and a half weeks away and as with a lot of the MCU’s other movies so far, they won’t be sticking exactly to the source material. This technique has given us some of the greatest comic book movies of all time such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

One of the ways in which Doctor Strange won’t be sticking to the comics is with Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character, Baron Mordo. In an interview with Collider, Ejiofor discussed the relationship between his character, Mordo, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange in the movie…

“I think it starts with Strange as the pupil. Strange is somebody who is trying to find out what all of these things are and find the secrets of these place. And I think it develops into something deeper and richer. Yes there is a camaraderie but it’s also a kind of mutual respect as they gain an understanding of each other. And also with the problems that they face and the enemies that they face and their ability to work together to triumph or try to win means that they have a bond. I think the three of them develop this bond with the Ancient One, this mutual respect.”

Regarding sticking to the source material, Ejiofor was asked about whether or not fans will see him turn against Strange due to jealousy, which is the route the character went down in the comics…

I don’t think of him as a kind of envious or jealous entity. I think he’s much purer than that. That’s what I mean by the comics create a slightly more two-dimensional aspect. But the place, Kamar-Taj, what it means and what it means to Mordo, is so strong and his defense of it is so deep and his loyalty is so committed–to the ideas of Kamar-Taj, to the reality of Kamar-Taj, and to the Ancient One that he would react to any perceived threat but it wouldn’t come from a place of envy but from a place of protection and loyalty.

Marvel’s job for their cinematic universe isn’t to stick as close to the source material as possible, it is to make the best movie they can. They seem to be starting Mordo off as an ally for Strange and Marvel thinks that is what is best for the movie, given their track record, we should definitely put some faith in them. That doesn’t mean that he won’t turn against Strange in any potential sequels. If the fans respond well to the movie and the character, there is a very high chance that Marvel will be announcing a Doctor Strange 2 in the next few years to fill up one of those announced dates.

Marvel currently has announced that they will be releasing movies on May 1st, July 10th and November 6th 2020 so it’s very possible that one of these could be a Doctor Strange given how far it is away but nothing is confirmed.

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Source: Collider