Teddy Sears Talks ‘The Flash’ Costumes

Teddy Sears, the amazing actor who portrayed the imposter Jay Garrick, also known as Hunter Zolomon, who is even better known as Zoom. Teddy was a large part of last season, and was big reason for the success of season 2. 

Teddy was recently on ComicBook.Com’s Flashback after show to discuss how he felt about playing the legendary villain in season 2. In that discussion, Teddy was asked about his experience with costumes, and what goes into them. 

“It wasn’t hot! The really put the money into the suit to get it right, which meant really, I think, good materials – specifically really sort of high quality leather. If you look closely at the suit in pictures, you know, it’s perforated in places: on the shoulders, specifically, in the torso – so basically, it breathed. And it was fine, it was really comfortable, it was really cool!”

This seems very positive, this makes it seem like Sears has a good relationship with The CW. This leaves the door open for a return, possibly as Black Flash, or even as Zoom, after all, we know anything is possible in The Flash

Source: Comicbook.com