Echo Kellum Talks Becoming Mister Terrific

Arrow Season Five premieres tonight and many fans are hoping for a successful season. One of the story arcs for the first half of the season will be Oliver (Stephen Amell) putting together a new team of vigilantes to protect Star City. The team will comprise of Mister Terrific, Artemis, Wild Dog, and Ragman. Most of these characters will be brand new, but some we have seen in previous seasons, including Mister Terrific (Echo Kellum). Kellum joined the show last season as a brilliant employee working at Palmer Tech. At that time, fans were anxiously waiting for him to become his comic book persona. Little did they know that they would have to wait a full season to see him in action.

Kellum recently sat down and talked about becoming Mister Terrific and how Arrow has affected his life. Check out his comments below.

“With these shows, they like to play it pretty real, especially with “Arrow.” That’s definitely what I gravitated towards when I started watching it. I was like, “Oh, man, this is pretty gritty.” Oliver gets into all these situations, and sometimes you have to make the choice to kill somebody, or, sometimes not. I’ve always loved characters where that morality was at the forefront of what to do.

One of the cool things is that Curtis builds up to become Mister Terrific. It’s played out very real. He’s not going to put on a suit and all of a sudden be like, “I’m kicking ass.” It’s going to be a journey to get that character to that place. That’s one of the things the Green Arrow is facilitating. He definitely puts Curtis through the training process and makes sure he is apt to being out in the field in this dangerous world. You’ll see that progress really pay off when Curtis gets to the point where he’s kicking ass and taking names because of all the hardships and hurdles he has to pass through.”

It is nice to see that the show is trying to develop their heroes before putting them in costume. This was something that was poorly done during Seasons Three and Four. It feels good to see that Arrow is returning to its roots.

Kellum also addressed an interesting contrast between him and Oliver Queen.

“As I was saying earlier, Curtis just has an optimistic outlook on life, even when things are tough. That can sometimes be infectious in a way, where you can start looking positively on things. He does rub off a little bit on the home team.”

While Arrow doesn’t need to be comical, having some levity is nice for the dark and gritty shows. Finally, Kellum teased the four-night CW TV crossover.

“That’s something you will have to wait to see, but I will say it’s a lot of fun working with Carlos Valdes. We hang out anyway outside of work. Curtis, Felicity and Cisco – as a fan, they all seem familiar and would have a great sensibility, or a great rapport, with each other. That’s something you’ll get to see some glimpses of in this crossover.”

Arrow Season 5 Premieres tonight, October 5th, on the CW at 8p.m. EST

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