Marvel Announces their Hero Acts Initiative

Marvel has held the attention and gratitude of their loyal fans for such a long time, and now they have devised a plan to do even more good for the globe. Benedict Cumberbatch announced this initiative in a promotional video that was released today:

“To help us launch Hero Acts, post a photo of yourself as your favorite Marvel heroes. Just go to, upload your photo, and share across your social media channels with #heroacts and #marvelstudios. For every post from now until the end of the year, Marvel Studios will donate $5 to the charitity Save The Children, and help them privode much needed learning materials to as many as 123,000 kids in Nepal, Haiti, and the United States.”

Marvel actors have been known to go and see children in various programs/hospital/etc dressed as their characters, and it seems that this generosity is only going to continue to grow.

You guys can take part by clicking here!