‘Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire’ Lucifer Episode 2 Review

Two weeks have gone by, and we have finally gotten our long anticipated episode 2 of Lucifer. This episode was far less eventful than the previous episode, but it still provided for some amazing moments, and some not so amazing moments. All of which we will go through in order to evaluate how good this episode was. 

In the episode we saw Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, and Ella, take on a case involving the murder of a young man. This was extremely interesting, because Lucifer’s mom had taken Lucifer to the location only hours prior, so Lucifer knew all the details of the case already. This provided for a great dynamic between Lucifer and Ella, which saw Ella compliment Lucifer multiple times on his knowledge of the murder, and his ability to find things out.

Another great moment from the episode was the relationship development between Dr. Linda, and the new attitude Amenadiel. At the start of the episode, we saw an angry Linda confront Amenadiel about how angry she is at him for betraying her trust. 

If you don’t remember, last season Amenadiel pretended to be a therapist so he could get closer to Dr. Linda. Which was all part of his bigger plan to get into the mind of Lucifer and then later take him and bring him back to hell. 

Now, this story with Linda and Amenadiel was a fantastic idea, but there is one major issue they had. The issue between the two was resolved far too quickly. At the start of the episode, Linda was angry and no longer trusted Amenadiel. Then as the episode progressed we got near the end just to have Amenadiel apologize to Linda, and have Linda forgive him. This story should’ve been dragged on for far longer than this, hopefully the Lucifer writers can recover.

The last point from the episode is the development with Lucifer and his mother at the very end of the episode. In this scene we saw a huge reveal by Lucifer’s mom. She revealed that she is the one who sent Lucifer to hell, but it was t because she wanted to punish him, but because she was trying to save him. She claims that after the rebellion, his father(God) was angry, and his plan was to destroy Lucifer, but his mother convinced him not to. 

This not only made Lucifer begin to trust his mother, but it also will cause for a brand new dynamic between Lucifer and Mazikeen, and especially Lucifer and his mom. 

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