‘Batman: Arkham VR’ Campaign Is Roughly 60 Minutes

Ever since its announcement, the Batman: Arkham VR game has been atop many wish lists among fans. From E3, we have herd tremendous things about it, and we know that in the game, the player explores Gotham trying to uncover details of Nightwing’s murder. Now we have learned that this main storyline will take about an hour to complete, according to the game’s marketing producer Dax Ginn:

“The core narrative is about 60 minutes in duration. However additional content is unlocked that provides about another 90 minutes of gameplay on top of that.”


It’s nice to know that there will be some side content to go with the main course. After the success of the previous Arkham games, it’s no surprise that fans are shaking in their seats waiting for this release.

What do you guys think? Will you be playing Batman: Arkham VR? Are you satisfied with the game’s runtime? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: WWG