‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Won’t Be Happy With The Season 7 Premiere

Hands down, The Walking Dead is the most highly anticipated show to come this year. The excitement for the season is high with Negan’s Kill, King Ezekiel, and so many more amazing things to come. 

Greg Nicotero, the executive producer, discussed the season premiere with Kevin Smith on AMC’s Geeking Out. He gave fans a warning, because he doesn’t even think they will react well to who lives, and who dies. 

           “You’re gonna be mad. It was the hardest episode I’ve ever directed. There’s so much more that happens in that episode that is more heartbreaking than that moment,       that by the time the episode’s over it’s almost too much. It’s that intense. It just keeps getting worse. It goes lower and lower and lower and lower.”

This could be a sign for great things to come, but could also result in some not so happy fans down the road. You will have to tune in when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 23 at 9/8c on AMC to find out. 

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