Syfy Casts Lead In Superman Prequel ‘Krypton’

DC shows are extremely common in todays TV world. We have the entire CW TV Universe, with The Flash, Arrow, and more, and then we have the Fox shows, Lucifer, and Gotham. This is a lot of television for DC fans to tune into. Despite this surplus of television shows, and no need for anymore to be added, Syfy has ordered a pilot for a Superman prequel, which will be titled Krypton.

For fans of this upcoming show, we have some big exciting news, because the lead role for the show has been casted. This is the role of Seg-El, the grandfather of Kal-El, also known as Superman.  Seg-El is most notably the father of Jor-El, who is the father of Superman. If we will ever see either of those characters portrayed in Krypton is yet to be seen. The role of Seg-El will be played by British newcomer, Cameron Cuffe.


Krypton was pitched by David S. Goyer, who is most notably the screenwriter of current DCEU films Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Goyer co-wrote the pilot with Ian Goldberg, who is most well known for his work on Once Upon a Time. 

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