Steve Orlando Reveals Three JLA Rebirth Members

As we have reported on before, DC Rebirth will have a highly anticipated Justice League of America run. This will be written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by former Justice League artist Ivan Reis.

Before today, we didn’t know anything about the title, but today we have learned not only the artist, but also three new members.

The first member is Ryan Choi’s Atom. This is a huge relief for people who remember the DC Universe Rebirth book, which made it seem like The Atom would have a huge role in rebirth with the ‘Microverse’. This will provide us with a continuation of the story arc from DC Universe Rebirth, which is something I have been longing for.

The next two members are Vixen and The Ray.  Vixen is a character who many casual fans have come to know and love. This is due to her appearances in Arrow and her own animated show on the CWSeed. The Ray is a less known character, he is the first ever LGBT character to join the previously mentioned CWSeed, and is a very popular character among hardcore fans.

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