New Details On ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Villains

The Marvel cinematic universe is a wonderful place. This amazing place is filled with all sorts of new developments, with films, TV shows, and Netflix series’ all going on at once, as part of one cohesive universe. 

One of the most anticipated films, Spider-Man: Homecoming, has had all sorts of news breaks lately, from villains being revealed, to exciting castings. Today is no different, we learned that there will be three villains. 

We already know two of these, with Shocker and The Vulture, both of these are extremely exciting and interesting. But possibly most  interestingly, there is a third villain yet to be revealed. This villain will reportedly be a non powered villain, who will be facing off against Peter Parker himself, not Spider-Man!  

This report also states that there will a huge Suprise appearance from a notable Spider-Man character. Although we don’t know much about this yet, this could be anyone at all, and we know there is many notable spider-man characters. 

Who do you think the new villain is? Who will this Suprise appearance be by? Let us know in the comments!