Mike Colter Doesn’t Know If Netflix Characters Will Appear In The MCU

One of the biggest questions on fans minds ever since Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D started in September is whether or not the Marvel television characters will appear in the Marvel movies. Previously, the show runners and producers over at Marvel made it very clear and stated that the movies will influence the television shows but the television shows will not influence the movies. The biggest crossovers we have had so far are the appearances of Nick Fury and Lady Sit in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’.

Marvel’s most recent Netflix series Luke Cage has been met with positive responses all round, proving, once again, that Marvel knows what they’re doing with their Netflix shows. Luke Cage star Mike Colter, who plays the title character, gave his take on the Netflix characters appearing in the movies…

“What we do is really unique… We’re adult kind of oriented. We’re not PG-13. We’re not really for the mass audiences, crowd pleasing, family oriented. We have sex scenes. We have, you know, adult situations, and while I think it’d be nice to be in the films, I don’t know if we want to dilute what we’re doing that makes us very unique. That being said, you know Marvel, if they can make it work I’m sure it’d be nice, but it’s really scheduling. They schedule movies years in advance, we’re shooting TV series year round. It’s very tough to just kind of make things just work the way you want to because it’s just so much going on.”

Colter’s comments reinforce the main issue that would be faced if the Netflix shows and the movies were to merge – the tone’s are completely different. It would be incredibly difficult for the Netflix characters to be included in the movies, change the tone their characters, participate in the level of battle needed for Infinity War, and then return to their shows.

The fact that Colter doesn’t know whether the characters will be in the MCU at all, tells us that they most likely won’t be in Avengers: Infinity War or its currently untitled sequel, given that they start filming both films within the next month or two. So while a small cameo appearance, such as Matt Murdock staring up into the sky, is definitely possible, don’t hold out for a scene showing all the Netflix characters lining up beside the Avengers and the Guaridans of the Galaxy. It would be great to see all the Marvel characters together but it just doesn’t seem likely.

You can stream all 13 episodes of Luke Cage on Netflix now. You can catch Avengers: Infinity War and it’s currently untitled sequel in theatres on May 4th 2018 and May 3rd 2019, respectively.

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Source: Breakfast Club Power 105.1FM