BOOM! Studios And DC Team Up To Bring Green Lantern/Planet Of The Apes Series

Green Lanterns, my personal favorite group of all time, have some of the best characters, and best story arcs in comic book history. Next to that, we have Planet of the Apes, an epic story that has been adapted into two and nearly three films now. 

Combine the two, and then combine two epic publishers in BOOM! Studios and DC Comics, and we have a recipe for an amazing story. 

No, this isn’t a dream, we will actually be getting this collaboration. Although we don’t know much about the project, we do know that we will be getting more info at New York Comic Con(October 6th-9th). 

Neither of there books are new to collaborations either. Green Lanterns have previously crossed over with Star Trek, as one of DC’s many epic crossover events. Planet of the Apes has also had their fair share of crossovers, including Tarzan!

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